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Manuel Bieh

Manuel Bieh, born in the late summer of 1984 in Dortmund, Germany.

My life probably got noteworthy in the year 2000, when I began to work for an agency for internet solutions as an intern, one year later as an apprentice. Three years later, in June 2005, I got my first degree as digital media designer.

This ought not be enough and so I decided to complete a two-year advanced training at the chamber of industry and commerce as a media engineer which I successfully completed  in August 2008.

After a short trip into the world of entrepreneurship as technical lead and CEO of the Mobilistics GmbH, where I was developing professional web applications for mobile devices, I am now again working as an employed software developer at the Sevenval GmbH in Cologne. Besides I'm avocationally completing a study of Business Administration at the University of Applied Sciences for Economy and Management (FOM) in Dortmund.

Beyond that, I published my first technical book entitled "Mobiles Webdesign" at the prestigious german publisher "Galileo Computing" in June 2008.

For more information about me and my professional career visit my profile at Linkedin or Xing or read my CV.